I eat meat, I tell Jokes and if I'm lucky I get paid to act

(Sometimes I don't get paid to act, but I still do it)
If you want to follow my journey than don't be a jagoff about it.

My Podcast

Why should you listen to my podcast?  We believe you shouldn’t. This podcast is only geared towards my cousin Randy. Who, by the way, has recently pissed me off.  So, Fu*k you Randy. Remember your style, your ideas, your creativity, mean nothing.  Please don’t Listen and or Share. Now go Fu*k yourself. 

That fool is not funny. He’s trying to do comedy, now that’s funny as fu*k. You ain’t ever gonna get famous or rich so I can say what ever the hell I want.  

My Uncle

This is my grandmas faviorte .

That’s because it is the only thing she can understand, she only speaks Spanish. 

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